The Association / College has awards to encourage research activities in the field of T.B. and Respiratory Diseases as well as their contribution to the specialty.


    (renamed as PARKE-DAVIS NCCP (I) CHEST ORATION in 1992)

    The Warner Hindustan Ltd. through the Asthma, Bronchitis & Cancer Lung Foundation of India, funded annually an oration on any aspect of Chest Diseases, to be delivered at the time of the annual conference.

    On the special request of the donors, the 151 oration was delivered in 1972 by Dr. Vishwanathan, who had perhaps the longest experience in the field of chest diseases. The name of the oration was changed to Parke-Davis / NCCP (I) Chest Oration since 1992, on the request of the organization since Warner Hindustan Company merged in Parke-Davis Company. The award was finally discontinued after 1995. The list of orators is given below.

    Years Names
    1972 Dr. R. Vishwanathan
    1973 Dr. K.L. Wig
    1974 Dr. J. P. Sethi
    1975 Dr. K. V. Thiruvengadam
    1976 Dr. J. R. Shah
    1977 Dr. P. K. Ghosh
    1978 Dr. F.E. Udwadia
    1979 Dr. P. K. Sen
    1981 Dr. A. S. Paintal
    1982 Dr.G.Daddi
    1983 Dr. H. S. Randhawa
    1984 Dr. J. S. Guleria (Delhi)
    Years Names
    1985 Dr. Sameer K. Gupta
    1986 Dr. S.K.Jain (Delhi) & Dr. N. P. Mishra (Bhopal)
    1987 Dr. M. M. Singh (Delhi)
    1989 Dr. P. S. Shankar
    1990 Dr. S. C. Kapoor
    1991 Dr. S. P. Tripathi (Delhi)
    1992 Dr. K. C. Mohanty
    1993 Dr. R. K. Narang
    1994 Dr. D.D.S. Kulpati
    1995 Dr. Hans Kumar

    (This award was discontinued from NCCP (I) after 1995)


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