The Association / College has awards to encourage research activities in the field of T.B. and Respiratory Diseases as well as their contribution to the specialty.


    (H) NCCP (I) - Prof. M. M. Singh Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award

    This Award was initially called NCCP (I) - Lifetime Achievement Award and was given to Prof. M. M. Singh in 1999 and to Prof. P. S. Shankar in 2005. From 2010, to pay respect to Prof. M. M. Singh posthumously, the name of the award was changed to the present one. Following persons have so far received this award.

    S.No. Names   Year City
    1 Prof. M. M. Singh NAPCON 1999 Delhi
    2 Prof. P. S. Shankar NAPCON 2005 Gulbarga
    3 Prof. K. C. Mohanty NAPCON 2010 Mumbai
    4 Prof. S. K. Jain NAPCON 2011 Delhi
    5 Prof. S. N. Tripathy (Posthumously) NAPCON 2012 Bhubaneshwar
    6 Prof. K. G. Yedurappa NAPCON 2013 Mysore
    7 Prof. H. S. Randhawa NAPCON 2014 Delhi
    8 Prof. S. K. Jindal NAPCON 2015 Chandigarh
    9 Prof. P. Ravindran NAPCON 2016 Thiruvananthapuram

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