The Association / College has awards to encourage research activities in the field of T.B. and Respiratory Diseases as well as their contribution to the specialty.



    Lupin Chest Oration was created with the objective of awarding oration every year by an eminent scientist working in the field of Pulmonary Medicine. The award will not be given to the recipient of Warner Chest Orators, NCCP (I) Parke Davis Orators, Raman Viswanathan Memorial Oration, NCCP (I) – Cipla Chest Orators and NCCP (I) – German Remedies Chest Oration to encourage new persons. This award was sponsored by M/S. Lupin Ltd. The first oration was delivered in 2005. Following persons have so far received this award.

    The name of the Award has been changed from 2014 as "NCCP (I) – Prof. P. S. Shankar - Prof. K. C. Mohanty Chest Oration".

    S.No. Names   Year City
    1 Dr. S. K. Sharma NAPCON 2005 New Delhi
    2 Dr. P.K. Gupta NAPCON 2006 Jodhpur
    3 Dr. R. C. Jain NAPCON 2007 New Delhi
    4 Dr. R. N. Solanki NAPCON 2008 Ahemedabad
    5 Dr. Narayan Mishra NAPCON 2009 Berhampur (Orissa)
    6 Dr. Rajan Santoshan NAPCON 2010 Chennai
    7 Dr. Rajesh Chawla NAPCON 2011 New Delhi
    8 Dr. Raj Kumar NAPCON 2012 Delhi
    9 Dr. S. Kashyap NAPCON 2013 Karnal
    10 Dr. Deepak Talwar NAPCON 2014 Noida
    11 Dr. Rajiv Goyal NAPCON 2015 New Delhi
    12 Dr. Rohit Sarin NAPCON 2016 New Delhi

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