Our Constitution


(Registered under societies Registration Act of 1860)

(Registration No. S/1421)



    Name - The name of the Organisation is “The National College of Chest Physicians (India)” hereinafter called the “College”. The term Chest Physician for the purpose covers disciplines like Respiratory Medicine, Cardiology, Thoracic Surgery, and all other allied clinical and basic medical sciences pertaining to Chest.

    Office - The registered office of the College shall be located for the present Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, Delhi University Campus, Delhi-110 007

    Objects - The objects and purposes of the College shall be :

    • to advance knowledge, stimulate scientific and practical interests, promote research and disseminate knowledge and recognise merit among individuals and organizations in the speciality of Chest Diseases.
    • to act as a liaison body between Indian and International workers in the field.
    • to do and perform all other acts, matters and things that may assist ip or be necessary for the fulfilment of the above aims and objects of the College.

    Methods - For the attainment and furtherence of these objects, the College may :

    • hold periodical conferences of the members of the College and the medical profession in general 
    • arrange, from time to time, congresses, conferences, lectures, refresher courses, discussions and demonstrations on any aspect of the medical and allied sciences concerned in the speciality.
    • publish and circulate a Journal which shall be the official organ of the College of a character consistent with the objects of the College.
    • maintain a library and an office,
    • publish from time to time transactions and other papers embodying medical researches conducted by the members or under the auspices of the College,
    • encourage research in medical and allied sciences through grants out of the funds of the College, by the establishment of scholarships, prizes or awards, and in such other manner as may, from time to time, be determined by the College,
    • to arrange and provide instruction and education to the medical profession, and to take whatever steps that are expedient for the assessment of the knowledge acquired,
    • purchase, take lease of or otherwise acquire, hold, manage, let, sell, exchange, mortgage or otherwise dispose of movable or immovable property of every description and all rights or privileges necessary or convenient for the purpose of the College and in particular any land, building, furniture, household or other effects, utensils, books, newspapers, periodicals, instruments, appliances, apparatus, fittings, conveyance, and accommodation and when deemed necessary and desirable in the interest of the College, sell, demise, let, hire out, mortgage, transfer, or otherwise dispose of the same,
    • to recognise merit by awarding Fellowships in accordance with the regulations framed for the purpose by the Governing Council,
    • to erect, maintain, improve or alter and keep in repair any buildings for the purpose of the College,
    • borrow or-raise ‘money in such manner as the College may think fit and collect subscriptions and donations for the purpose of the College,
    • invest any money of the College not immediately required for any of its objects in such manner as may from time to time be determined by the college,
    • assist, subscribe to or cooperate or affiliate or be affiliated to or amalgamate with any other public body whether incorporated or registered and having altogether or in part objects similar to those of the College,
    • do all such other things as are cognate to the objects of the College or are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
    • the affairs of the College shall be managed by a Governing Council (here in-after called the “Council”) constituted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the College,
    • The property movable and immovable belonging to the college shall be vested in the Council of the College,
    • the Council shall have the power to purchase, construct or acquire on lease or in exchange or hire or by gift or otherwise any real or personal property and any rights or privileges necessary or convenient for the purpose of the College and to improve, develop, manage, sell, lease, mortagage, dispose turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of College,
    • if upon the dissolution of the College there shall remain after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever the same shall not paid to or distributed among the members of the College or any of them but shall be given or transferred to association or associations, institution institutions having objects similar to any of the objects of the College to determined by the votes of not less than four-fifth of the members pres personally or by proxy in meeting at or before the time of the dissolution in default thereof by the Court of Judicature at Delhi in its ordinary original jurisdiction to recognise the work of scientist of excellence by awards:
      • Parke Davis/NCCP(I) Chest Oration
      • Raman Viswanthan Memorial Leacture
      • Young Scientist A ward of NCCP(I)


    These awards will have a certificate or any other form of presentation as decided by the Govering Council of the College -

    • Parke Davis/NCCP(I) Chest Oration - This was instituted in 1972 as “Warner Chest Oration” with the purpose promoting scientific research in the field of Chest Diseases, and in particular in field of allergy. The name of the award changed to Parke Davis/NCCP(I) CI Oration after amalgamation of the host company “Warner Hindustan Ltd.” in Parke Davis India Ltd. The award was discontinued in 1996.
    • Raman Viswanathan Memorial Lecture - Raman Viswanathan Memorial Lecture was started in 1989, to honour and perpetuate the memory of Late Col. Raman Viswanathan, founder Director, V.P. Chest Institute, a great scientist and doyen in the field of Chest Diseases. This honour will be conferred upon an eminent chest specialist or eminent scientist in the field of chest diseases. The selection will be made by a Committee called as “Raman Viswanathan Memorial Oration Committee” consisting of the Fellows who have already delivered the Raman Viswanathan Memorial Lecture. The membership of the committee will be limited to five and subsequently the senior most member will retire from the committee.
    • NCCP(I) Cipla Chest Oration - NCCP (I) Cipla Chest Oration was created with the objective of arranging oration every year by an eminent scientist working in the field of Pulmonology, preferably on Bronchial Asthma. This award was sponsored by MIS Cipla (India) Ltd. The first oration was delivered in 1997. Following persons have so far received this awards :-
    • NCCP(I) German Remedies Chest Oration - This awards was created in 2002 by the financial support of MIS German Remedies. The awards was given every year to an eminent scientist working in the field of Pulmonology. Following persons have received this awards.
    • NCCP(I) Lupin Chest Oration - The award was created in 2005 by financial support of M/s Lupin India Ltd. The award is given every year to eminent Pulmonologist. Following persons have received the award:
    • Young Scientist Award of NCCP(I) - To encourage research in young scientists, a cash prize of Rs. 1000/- will be given to the best paper presented by him in the annual Conference of the College. He should be the first author in the paper and should be less than 35 years of age. The selection will be made by President, Secretary and two nominees attending the Conference.

    The office bearers of the College shall be duly elected by the electoral College, according to the rules and regulations of the College.


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